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Experience and learn what a professional trainer can do for you through Hot Springs only Professional Training Organization.
Hot Springs Health and Fitness is offering 2 FREE Training Sessions to any member who has never experienced personal training before.
Come see how a certified professional can take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL!!


Personal Trainer

Julie Burroughs


Personal Trainer

Eric Wegner


Director of Tennis

Tracie Konnelly


At Hot Springs Health & Fitness, we offer a variety of classes to meet your fitness needs. Click on the group below to find out more about our classes or find out what classes are going on right now!

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Hot Spring Health and Fitness Group Fitness Schedule

Group Fitness Class Descriptions

Les Mills BodyPump: is the original barbell workout that strengthens your entire body.  This 60-min program challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls. Great music, motivating instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!!!

Les Mills BodyPump Express:  Follows the same description as BodyPump but with fewer tracks and is 45 mins in length.

Basic Training Circuit:  This class meets on the gym floor and warm up will rotate between jogging, walking or cardio equipment…followed by a circuit style class on the gym floor or outside fitness area, pool area and even tennis courts.  This class is SUPER FUN and mixes strength training with cardio to meet your cross training/full body workout needs.  All fitness levels welcome!

Cuts & Cardio:  This class offers a full body workout to cut and sculpt the muscle plus a short cardio segment to work the heart.  Various equipment will be used, along with body weight, to cut and build your muscles.  Short segments of cardio will be incorporated after each weight set or block of work like kickboxing, light jump roping but NO PLYOMETRICS!!!!  This is a class for every BODY!!!

Body Blast:  This class is 45 mins of low-impact, total body toning.  Taught in a safe, effective and fun atmosphere, using weights starting at 3 lbs. and up.  Great class for all ages and levels as you choose your weights and intensity.

Body Blast Barre:  By using ballet bars and light weight training, this class will target areas you didn’t know you had without the risk of injury.  This class is great for any age and will challenge your entire body.

Bootcamp Abs:  Do you feel like your abs have been neglected or need some fine tuning?  This 30 minute express class will target only the abdominal muscle region.

Les Mills CXWORX:  This class is all about building core strength, improving functional fitness of the abdominals, mid-section and glutes, as well as working the cross-slings which run from the upper to lower body.  CXWORX targets everything from the mid-thigh up to the shoulders.

CardioSculpt:  This class has the WOW factor!  Cheryl combines all your favorites for cardio and sculpting along with great tunes in this 45 min. class…you will step, dance, punch and jab through cardio while testing your balance and sculpting sleek muscles with light weight and high reps.  Great class for beginners or advanced because YOU control the intensity of this workout.

H.E.A.T.:  CIrcuit class meets Athletic Training!  This class is Fast Paced and Full of High Engergy Athletic Training!  This class will incorporate Tabata style training to explode your fitness level to new heights!!!

Hatha Yoga:  Works with Postures (Asana) and Breath Control (Pranayama) with emphasis on alignment and synchronizing movement with the breath.  Students will gain flexibility, strength and reduce stress.  Yoga integrates body, mind & spirit in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Indoor Cycling:  The indoor cycling workout where the instructor chooses her music and choreo to create a ride experience for the perfect cardio workout!!!  This class is great for beginners or cyclists with low impact on joints.

Let’s Dance:  Dance like no one is watching!  This cardio dance class will make you move and sweat like you never knew you could.  Release your inner dancer while burning fat and calories.  You won’t believe how much FUN exercise can be!

Meet Me @ the Barre: This unique class will challenge your strength and endurance in a new way.  By incorporating ISOMETRIC holds, followed by MICRO movements and finishing with an EXPLOSIVE cardio blast, you will increase both strength and endurance and finally flush toxins as you sweat your way to a new long, lean dancer’s body. Excellent choice if you’re looking for low-impact movements.

Metabolic Conditioning:  Improve strength, power and build lean muscle while burning fat.  Push, pull, squat, hinge, full-body exercises leave you burning fat all day!!!

Power Pilates:  A vigorous and challenging workout combining the classical exercises created by Joseph Pilates with contemporary core work to strengthen your Powerhouse, the deep abs and back muscles.  This total body workout includes exercises for the arms, shoulders, butt muscles and inner thighs.  A variety of props are used to keep your workout fun and effective.

Toughen Up: This class will challenge you and will move quickly through a circuit to target all areas of the body.  You will love this type of Cross Training incorporating Kickboxing, Tabatas, Timed Circuits and quick recoveries!!!

Vinyasa Flow:  VF is a flowing practice linking breath to movement.  A continuous sequence of poses that 'flow' from one to another with an inhale and exhale resulting in a fluid, expressive class and is perfect for those that like to move!

Yoga: (Hatha & Yoga Fit):  Utilize stretching to remove tension in the musculoskeletal system, breathing exercises to create body awareness and postures to lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles.  Join us for this relaxing hour of complete wellness.

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