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Fall Training Promo 2017
Experience and learn what a professional trainer can do for you through Hot Springs only Professional Training Organization.
Hot Springs Health and Fitness is offering 2 FREE Training Sessions to any member who has never experienced personal training before.
Come see how a certified professional can take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL!!


Personal Trainer

Julie Burroughs


Group Fitness Instructor

Amy Barranco


Tennis Instructor

Victor Palafox

Super Sculpt

This is a barbel, dumbbell, or body weight workout in a group setting. This class improves muscle definition, strength, and endurance. No fancy steps--just lots of hard work and sweat. Men-if you have been thinking about taking a group fitness class this is it! Women-if you have been wanting to get into weight lifting this is it! (LOE 4-5)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)

Please note: class may or not be in session all year. Refer to our daily class schedule for an updated list of current classes.

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