Fall Training Promo 2017
Experience and learn what a professional trainer can do for you through Hot Springs only Professional Training Organization.
Hot Springs Health and Fitness is offering 2 FREE Training Sessions to any member who has never experienced personal training before.
Come see how a certified professional can take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL!!

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Personal Trainer

Michael Vano


Group Fitness Instructor

Cheryl Kirksey


Tennis Instructor

Victor Palafox

Yoga Studio

Hot Springs Health & Fitness offers a beautiful and serene yoga studio where yoga is taught with heart, creativity, and clarity. We foster a warm and friendly community of practitioners of varied persuasions, ages, and levels. We also are proud to announce the opening of our first Pilates Studio. It offers privates and personalized Pilates session on stat of the art Balance Body equipment.

Body Works

Focusses on the older adult who would like to improve muscle strength, endurance and balance. This class will start with warm-up and pre-stretch of all major muscle groups. Light weights of 2, 3, and 5 lbs. will be used. You will also benefit from a 10 minute abdominal workout, as well as stretching and cool down. Your class will be taught in a safe, effective and fun atmosphere.


Strengthens the core muscles, improves posture, aligns and energizes the body from head to toe. Proper muscle recruitment and alignment are emphasized. We use bands, base weights, fitness circles, and other props to add variety to your workout. Pilates is a total body workout suited for all fitness levels. (LOE 2-3)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)


Utillize stretching to remove tension in the musculoskeletal system breathing exercises to create body awareness, and postures to lengthen, strengthen and tone muscles. Join us for this relaxing hour of complete wellness. (LOE 1-2)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)

Vinyasa Yoga

Flowing movements that link one pose to the next and is performed in conjunction with the breath. Vinyasa is a dynamic, low-impact form of strength training and requires a combination of strength, flexibility, power, precision, balance, timing, coordination, grace and expression. Also a way of practicing and developing mindfulness and effortlessness (doesn't waste energy!) (LOE 1-2)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)

Yin Yang Yoga

We practice of posture sequences, breath work, and meditation that will benefit the organs, ligaments, muscles, tendons, joints and mind. Release patterns of neglect and self abuse. Develop attentiveness and kindness towards self and others. (LOE 1-2)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)


Yogalates is a type of class that combines yoga and pilates and focusses on stregthening the core while eliciting the mediational and flexibility benefits of yoga. This yoga and pilates fusion works well for many people who enjoy both yoga and pilates but don't have the time to take both classes a week. (LOE 1-2-3)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)

Sports Yoga

A unique blend of movements and theories that include Hatha Yoga, Martial Arts warm-up routines, Tai Chi warmups, Pilates mat exercises, as well as traditional sports stretches and warm-ups. (LOE 1-2)

(LOE-Level of Engagement Scale based on 1-6 rating)


Yoga and Pilates classes


Spinning classes